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Children's Health Network

Children's Health Network (CHN) is a clinically integrated network consisting of independent practices and Children’s Minnesota, and has been the most complete pediatric care system in the Twin Cities metropolitan area for over twenty (20) years.   Approximately 200 primary care pediatricians and nurse practitioners, as well as over 500 subspecialty physicians have helped to build and evolve our organization into a clinically integrated network. 

CHN provides an infrastructure to support the overall health of the pediatric population we serve by delivering consistent and evidence-based clinical protocols to guide patient care and establish standards for measuring physician performance.  We are leveraging available technologies in the most effective manner possible and enable independent clinicians to partner with CHN to improve quality and reduce cost.

Member clinics within Children’s Health Network are available to see children from immunizations to asthma care, from school physicals to cardiac care. Our Quick Lists or Directory Search will help to find the practitioner or clinic in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area that best meets the needs of the families we serve.  Primary care providers serve pediatric patients through one of over 40 clinic locations; specialty providers through more than 400 locations. Clinics range in size from single practitioner to clinics with 40 or more physicians.

Children’s Health Network also offers a Telephone Nurse Triage Service that has been recognized for its quality of care.  Telephone Nurse Triage Services are a 24-hour answering service/triage line established for community pediatric providers and their patients. This is just one example of how working together, pediatricians can raise the standard of care in the community.


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Children's Health Network is an affiliate of Children's Minnesota